Māris Auniņš CV

AuninsMāris Auniņš CV

Born on 27 August , 1949, Riga, Latvia


1975 Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts, Metal design department, Latvia

1980 Metal Design Department of the Tallinn’s Arts University, Estonia


Affiliation with professional organizations

From 1981 member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia


Solo exhibitions

1980 The Science House, Riga/ Latvia;

1995 M. Krasta Gallery, Riga/ Latvia;

1999 Ivonna Veiherte’s Gallery, Riga/ Latvia;

2000 „Temptation”, Ivonna Veiherte’s Gallery, Riga/ Latvia;

2002 „Only Jewellery”, gallery Putti, Riga/ Latvia;

2002 Gallery Interier, Köpenick – Berlin/ Germany;

2006 Gallery Moazipoor , Berlin/ Germany;

2007 Gallery Moazipoor, Berlin/ Germany;

2009 Gallery Jung&Kunst – Kaiserslautern/ Germany.


Group exhibitions


Since 1978 participates in the annual Applied Art Exhibitions in Riga/ Latvia;

1988 Latvian Jewellery Design Exhibition, City Museum, Tallinn/ Estonia;

1989 ”New Art Forms”, Intenational exhibition, Chicago/ USA;

1991 Baltic Applied Arts Triennial, juried exhibition, Tallinn/ Estonia;

1993 Latvian Decorative Arts Exhibition, Gallery Spandow, Berlin/ Germany;

1994 Anniversary Exhibition of Tallinn’s Arts University, Riga/ Latvia;

1997 Latvian Metal Design, Decorative and Applied Art Museum, Riga/ Latvia;

1997 Applied Art from Latvia, Fachwerkhof Gallery, Witten/ Germany;

1997 Riga in Contemporary Art – First Prize of the Riga City Council, Riga/ Latvia (catalogue);

1997 Latvian Contemporary Art. Grand Salle de l’Aubette, Strasbourg/ France (catalogue);

1998 Latvian Contemporary Art. Maison du Danemark, Paris/ France (catalogue);

1998 Baltic Patterns. Gallery Stairs & Co , London/ UK;

1998 Gallery’s exhibition. Fachwerkhof Gallery,Witten/ Germany;

1999 12 Latvian artists in the gallery J+B, Copenhagen/ Denmark (catalogue);

1999 Six Jewellery Artists, Fachwerkhof Gallery,Witten/ Germany;

2000 „Azimut”, International Biennial Design Festival, Saint-Etienne/ France (catalogue);

2002 Jewellery collection in gallery Krok Ideas, Münich/ Germany;

2003 -2005 Jewellery collections at the gallery Putti, Riga/ Latvia;

2005 Decorative Art from Latvia, Kulturcentrum, Hardecke/ Germany;



Decorative Art Museum. Riga Latvia, Artists’ Union of Latvia Museum,

private collections in Germany, Estonia, Latvia