March 20, 2014

Our attendance of Schmuck 14

We have successfully attended another Schmuck (Schmuck 14) in Munchen where the exhibited variety of contemporary and conceptual jewellery for its fans, creators and collectors was almost overwhelming (in a good way). We had the chance to meet old friends, upcoming and already established artists and to see a lot of wonderful exhibitions. It was a pleasure to blend in with this sophisticated crowd and to catch moments (where allowed) with our “soap box” cameras.

It was a great fun to experience the creativity and fresh ideas in „Marry Ted Noten – Students of the Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp” – an attractive and pleasant welcoming by Ted’s students and even especially prepared fries which stripped everyone’s last traits of any kind of scepticism. We usually don’t use smilie faces, but if we did, Ted’s students definitely would’ve earned one.

The „Dialogue 16 – From London to Hell” exhibition and Akiko Kurihara’s presentation in exhibition „Mass” were great examples of presentation and scenography that can be used for such displaying the marvellous artworks.

Some other (not all of them, we might have missed something) noteworthy experiences were:

  • Flora Wagi’s jewellery „Das Provisorum”;
  • Ruudt Peters’s presentation QI – his latest body of work based on the teachings of the Chinese alchemy;
  • Marta Mattsson’s and Tanel Veenre’s „never odd or even„ Part I & II;
  • Helen Britton „Unheimlich” with wonderful scenography;
  • Maria Rosa’s, Gigi Mariani’s and Sabine Steinhausler’s „Black is beautiful”.

And we would like to take time to thank the editors of the “CURRENT OBSESSION PAPER SCHMUCK 2014” which helped to experience the various aspects of Schmuck in an organised and well-planned manner.

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