May 14, 2015

International contemporary jewellery competition – exhibition “JEWELS IN FERMENT” in Italy

Fifth year in a row the winery Torre Fornello, located in the splendid hills of Val Tidone in Emilia Romagna, which lays in one of the four valleys near the wonderful city Piacenza, hosts an international contemporary jewellery competition – exhibition “JEWELS IN FERMENT”. The organizers of the event are the AGC Italian association of Contemporary Jewellery. The event theme for this year is “NOT JUST BREAD”. No matter in which time and age, a man has always needed something more than just bread.

The owner of the winery is Enrico Sgorbati – a great winemaker, a passionate collector of contemporary art and a patron of contemporary jewellery. The history of Torre Fornello dates back to year 1028. Then the estate was bought by Duke Zanardi Landi. He created a beautiful botanical garden and wine fields. In 1972 the estate was bought by Sgorbati family (the grandfather of Enrico) and in 1998 Enrico started to produce wines of the highest quality.

In the opening event the guests had the opportunity to view the fantastic jewellery exhibition, to enjoy the wines together with different foods from the region – all of this in amazing company in a picturesque location… a fantastic combination for the mind, senses and emotions.

The exhibition is on display until May 20, 2015.

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