May 21, 2015

Collection of summer dresses by Ilze Līdere – “WILD ROSES”

Art Gallery Putti is proud to present a collection of summer dresses by Ilze Līdere „WILD ROSES” – a dedication to all women who feel in their hearts that they are as free and untamed as the wild roses.

By pictorial mediation with colourful cotton fabric pieces, each dress in the collection is made in the likeness of a mandala. In correspondence to the fashion trends for summer 2015 nostalgia for the 70s fashion, hippies, flower power and artistic bohemia is embodied in the collection. Ilze says about her collection: “A rose will be able to blossom in this dress, to dance and feel special in the hot summer nights.”

Ilze Līdere has received a bachelor degree in Fashion and Design from The Latvian Academy of Arts. She has been engaged in the fashion business and floral design. Her creative work has always been connected to her love towards flowers – this has resulted in interplay between fashion and floral design.

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