June 2, 2015

“Precious – from Picasso to Jeff Koons” in Venice, Italy

Art gallery Putti recommends everyone who has the chance to visit a wonderful exhibition in Vitraria Glass +A Museum, Venice, Italy – “Precious – from Picasso to Jeff Koons”. It is an astonishing collection of jewellery made by artists and sculptors gathered by the collector Diane Venet.

A piece of artist’s jewelry as well as a painting or a piece of sculpture is a work of art. Coming from the same creative approach, it possesses the same force, poetry and ability to provoke, sometimes even the same humor. It is only their ultimate purpose that distinguishes one from the other.

From Picasso to Kapoor, Indiana to Koons, Braque to Liechtenstein, Vasarely to Stella, Arman to Rauschenberg and Cesar to Dali, the collection that Diane Venet has put together nearly 200 pieces – tiny precious works of art that question the meaning and function of jewelry.

The value of a piece of artist’s jewelry cannot be measured in carats. It is not judged by its hallmark, sparkle or transparency. Each jewel, conceived as a work of wearable art, contains a story and was created by the artist with a particular person in mind. To gather even a small understanding of the stories behind these works one has to think of the pebbles gathered on the beach and then painted by Picasso for Dora Maar, or pieces of bone on which the engraved portrait of Marie-Thérèse.

After stopping in Roubaix, New York, Athens, Valencia, Miami and Seoul, the incredible collection gathered over the years by Diane Venet, Parisian collector of origin and New Yorker by adoption, wife of renowned artist Bernar Venet, has arrived for the first time in Italy, in VITRARIA Glass +A Museum with “Precious – from Picasso to Koons”.

VITRARIA Glass + A Museum is a new museum that opened its doors in September 2014 in the heart of Venice, located at the beginning of the “museum mile” between the Academy and the Zattere.

The exhibition will be on display until August 16, 2015.

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