November 12, 2018

Emmanuel Lacoste – BASTA CHE STAI BENE


“A few years ago my grandmother gave me her old pearl necklace. The clasp was broken, so she said I could sell the pearls or make new pieces with them for money. I noticed the pearls were fake: glass beads covered with mother-of-pearl. But she didn’t know and I didn’t tell her. So I took off this layer of mother-of-pearl and replaced it with my own blood.
My grandma is the most generous person I ever had in my life. She never really understood what was my job, what I was doing. But she always ends our conversations by this sentence: « Basta che stai bene », which in Italian means « As long as you’re ok ».
I think this is enough… I don’t have the feeling I should tell more or go deeper into the concept and talk about family heritage, unconditional love, tribute, preciousness, blah blah blah… It’s a very personal story, but I guess people will get it” says French conceptual artist Emmanuel Lacoste.