January 14, 2019

Gigi Mariani – Italian in emotional casing

“Italian in emotion casing” – Italian contemporary artist GIGI MARIANI from Modena in Northern Italy, described by Agnese Čivle. Gigi’s other favourite passion is painting. His painting brushwork are rough and powerful. In the saturated terrain of scratches and cuts, texture is the way he reflects the processes of his inner world. In recent years, ornaments that resemble sculptural images becomes more the objects of emotional transfer.

“My jewellery is a small sculpture born in my imagination. It is important for me that person is able to wear it on a daily basis.”

Silver oxidation is an ancient technique that came from ancient Egypt. “It is rarely used in Italy, so I am very proud to keep this tradition alive. With this method I get the black, rough shapes of the jewellery.”

The other technique used by the artist is granulation. This method has come directly from Italy. By combining two techniques, the artist manages to achieve the black, strong, heavyweight texture of coal that resembles a rigid lava that breaks through volcanic throat with an incredible emotional force and stiffened in its path. The most fascinating side of the jewellery is the hidden precious metals. On the black, coarse lava-like surface of coal, gold and silver have ripped scars, boiled and sometimes crossed the edges.