October 15, 2019

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Object 2019

In the fall of 2019 from October 10 to 12 for the eleventh time JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Object – the main international event for contemporary jewellery and art –  took place in Barcelona.

The event serves a platform for interaction, discussion, and a meeting place for jewellery artists, gallery representatives, collectors, and organizations from around the world. JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Object is designed for professionals as well as the public with a full program of events, exhibitions, conferences. This year the main theme of the event was the communicative and diplomatic role of contemporary jewellery today. The discussion about the power of jewellery is exciting and potentially inexhaustible. It means to return to the beginnings of humanity, where jewellery is not only an ornament of the body but also an ideological expression of culture and, more importantly – POLITICS.

Among the 300 contemporary jewellery artists from around the world who participated in JOYA Barcelona ​​Art Jewellery & Object, Latvia was represented by VALDIS BROŽE, a contemporary jewellery artist who was awarded the AUTOR AWARD presented by Dan Piersinaru – AUTOR’s founder and he personally selects one artist, who will receive the AUTOR Award and represent AUTOR in the next year’s JOYA.
AUTOR is a contemporary jewellery fair in Bucharest, Romania. This is the only event of its kind in South East Europe.

VALDIS BROŽE, SEARCHERS BRACELET 2019, oxidised silver, magnifying glass

The Grand Prize for Contemporary Jewellery – JOYA – WORTH – was awarded to LILY KANELLOPOULOU from Greece

LILY KANELLOPOULOU, brooch 2019, resin, silver, bronze, pigment, stainless steel

Each year an artist is selected by the jury for the opportunity to become the face of the next JOYA edition along with the associated media promotion of the artist’s jewellery. The winner joins WORTH project and receives a grant to launch new artistic projects.

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Object Artistic Director PAULO RIBEIRO

NAJIN LEE, brooch 2019, copper, enamel, iron, ottchil, PVC
YASUKO KANNO, Japan, Gioielli in FERMENTO, brooch 2019
CORRADO DE MEO, Italy, Gioielli in FERMENTO, brooch 2019
SARA SHAHAK, Israel, Gioielli in FERMENTO, brooch 2019
MARIA ROSA FRANZIN, Italy, Gioielli in FERMENTO, brooch 2019
SVALDSO ESCANES, Lalabeyou, bracelet 2019
SARA BARBANTI, Italy, necklace 2019, charcoal, silver
SARA BARBANTI, Italy, brooch 2019, charcoal, silver, gold
SARA BARBANTI, Italy, brooch 2019, charcoal, silver, gold
SARA BARBANTI, Italy, Nadia, necklace 2019, charcoal, silver, iron
ARTEMIS VALSAMAKI, Greece, Individual, brooch 2019, copper, silver, acrylic color, wood veneer, flock
CONSTANZA SALINAS, necklace 2019, basalt stone, lime wood, stainless steel

CELINE CHARUAU, France, brooch 2019
PANAYIOTIS PANAYI, Cyprus, brooch 2019
YE SEUL SEO, South Korea, brooch 2019
IKER ORTIZ, Mexico, brooches 2019
NICHKA MAROBIN, Italy, exhibition curator and art historian

Ten contemporary jewellery artists, six memos – lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity, consistency, twenty jewellery and one book by Italian writer and journalist Italo Calvino “Six memos for the next Millenium” is the foundation of the exhibition “Le Stanze Del Possibile” created by curator NICHKA MAROBIN.
How do we define contemporary jewellery as “light”? How can we detect movement through the structures and techniques of contemporary jewellery? How the inner rhythm of a jewellery can be achieved and detected by the wearer and by the viewer? Each work is not a mere work for itself, it encompresses values, ideas and languages, conveying messages that can initiate fundamental change on a global scale. How does the “self” described by Italo Calvino place itself in the world? What about the particular “self” in the field of contemporary jewellery?
The exhibition is displayed in Hannah Gallery, Barcelona. https://hannahgallerybarcelona.net/

RALPH BAKER, Quickness, “La Stanza 2”, earrings 2019, gold, tantalum, glass-loupe 30.0 Dioptre
ROBERT BAINES, Multiplicity, “Italo Calvino Multiplicity 1”, necklace 2019, silver, electroplate, powder coat, lacquer
REKA LORINCZ, Visibility, “On my way back homen”, necklace 2019, silver, pearls, peridot, ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond, quartz, topaz, antique jewellery
HELEN BRITTON, Visibility, “Horse of rain”, necklace 2019, agate, silver
EZRA SATOK-WOLMAN, Exactitude, “Exactitude”, brooch 2019, 19k gold, 950 platinum, carbon fiber
ROBERT BAINES “Italo Calvino Multiplicity 2”, necklace 2018-19, gold
LEO CABALLERO Klimt02.net creator and director, Hannah Gallery manager
HAKAN AKTUG, Turkey, Jewellery Links, Unpredictable, earrings 2019
BURCU BUYUKUNAL, Turkey, Jewellery Links, Burcu, brooch 2019
Ring 2019
VIVIEN BEDWELL, Australia, Nuda Vita, earrings 2019
CORRINA GOUTOS, USA, Nuda Vita, brooch 2019
DANIEL RAMOS ORBEGON, Columbia, Nuda Vita, brooch 2019
DANIEL RAMOS ORBEGON, Columbia, Nuda Vita, brooch 2019
MARTINA TURINI, Italy, Nuda Vita, necklace 2019
NINA LIMA, Brazil, Nuda Vita, brooch 2019
ALICIA GIRALDEZ, brooch 2019
CARME KOHER, bracelet 2019

arterritory.com about Valdis Brože (link)