February 12, 2020


MAIJA VĪTOLA-ZITMANE aquired Master’s Degree at the Latvian Academy of Arts in the Metal Design Department in 2017, her professional knowledge and practice supplemented by various courses and master classes.
Jewellery created by Maija describe, subtle handmade and delicately intimate message. Maija focuses on human inner world, where without the highest fundamental values – love, respect and devotion, there are also whining, craving and lust.
“The inspiration for my work is the course of human life, the experience gained in it, the fundamental values that, layer by layer, make the jewel something valuable and precious, creating the inner core of each person – the soul.”


The artist works with materials such as animal bones – lamb ribs, camel bone. The artist likes the plastic qualities of the bone, “You can carve any shape, that you have imagined, out of the bone. With the help of metal, I can create a work of art that serves as a bridge for dialogue between my inner world and the viewer or jewellery wearer”.
“The choice of material – bone, horn, or ebony – depends on the purpose of the work, but often in the carving process, the feeling is that the material tells its own story, allowing me to create works that are unique and sculptural representations of my world.”
The artist finds inspiration in her everyday charm, “one evening after a meal with friends, I was attracted to the lamb ribs that was left of the plate – the natural, laconic forms insured my imagination to find new shapes and create new art objects”.
Creating jewellery is a beautiful, creative and time-consuming process – attentive work, emotions, reflection and satisfaction are a positive result and I want to convey that feeling and inspire other people.”