February 17, 2020


Born in Columbia, NICOLAS ESTRADA, a contemporary jewellery artist, author of books, lecturer and curator, have a BS in business from Babson College in Massachusetts, USA. Unable to adapt to the New England climate, the artist returned to Columbia. However, the high level of violence in the country forced Nicolas to leave and move to Spain. In Barcelona, Nicolas enrolled in master’s program to study marketing. However, the business world proved incompatible with Nicolas Estrada’s creative ambitions. After attending an inspirational jewellery exhibition, the emerging artist enrolled at Escola Massana, The Barcelona University of Arts. Nicolas Estrada graduated from the University with the highest marks and prizes. Nicolas studied the basics of gemology (a science that studies gems) by carving and engraving himself, as well as researching the traditional ornaments of the Kabilian Berbers, studying filigree techniques. The artist’s works do not attempt to defend or take a particular position, but point to important processes in his country, on the continent and around the world.
N. Estrada is an artist with a strong, individual voice and profound artistic vision in which actuality of things merges with delicate irony. Decorativeness with meaningful process in which the jewellery relationship with its owner seems to become more – perhaps a kid of media, a haiku in the form of an object. According to Nicolas, jewellery is not complete, not entire without such an essential component as wearer. Without someone who owns it, who lives with it, identifies, who brings out the jewellery, plays out the epithet of “I”. And let it be a necklace – a brutal pistol.
The artist’s work and achievements made it possible to receive an offer to create a book on jewellery. NEW RINGS became a bestseller. A series of books about earrings, necklaces, brooches was created.
Nicolas Estrada is categorical against violence and weapons. Perhaps this is exactly why Nicolas often use gun shapes in his work.


“If you sin and pray, you are even” is a popular saying used to excuse all the wrong-doings in a shameless way. Nevertheless, this is not a reality from an isolated place where violence and religion merge in a horrifying, implausible, and, at the same time, derisory way. This is the philosophy that the new world order requires. These jewels were inspired from the toys that amuse children all over the world… How long are we going to keep on playing this way?