February 20, 2020

ANA CARDIM, Portugal

ANA CARDIM was born in Portugal, spent three years in Zaragoza, four years in Barcelona, six months in San Francisco, then for some time Berlin and now returned to Portugal. A favourite theme in art is conceptual jewellery. Provides performances with singing, dancing and poetry elements.
Ana’s work carries a strong social message. Although Ana’s finished work is a piece of jewellery, it is only a form. Her mission is not to make the human body more beautiful, but to use it in communication, in socializing problems.
“First of all, I’m an artist, only then a jeweller. I am in favor of hybrid art, which uses various aesthetic theories to express a creative idea. But the idea always comes first. ”

Brooch FULL CART, EMPTY LIFE, silver

Jewellery serves as a mirror for our social interaction. Wearing jewellery is associated with the conscious thought of the wearer. The fact that a piece of jewellery is a work of art worn on the body allows the message to be mobile and readable anywhere, anytime and in a social context. It serves as a transport from the private space to the public, fulfilling its role as a communicator. As a result, jewellery acquires communicative value by becoming a broader thinker.

NOT FOR SALE – pins that provoke dialogue about the values of life and their price.

Brooch – GARBAGE PIN, where noble silver comes in contact with cheap, environmentally unfriendly plastic. The garbage can has evolved into a brooch that decorates, talks and challenges at the same time.
“The inspiration to create the Garbage Pin stems from garbage bins at Barcelona Metro stations. They are unusually transparent to counter the terrorist threat. I was intrigued by the new concept – the ability to look at what has been thrown away while conventional black garbage bags hide it. That idea of rubbish came together with my near and dear jewellery art and GARBIGE PIN came to life. ”
What does waste have to do with art? In both cases there is evaluation, evaluation and evaluation.
Anas personal worth & waste:
“Human relations and art are diamonds in my life but waste of time due to ambition is a real waste”


Humor is one of the highest forms of thought. Ana uses not only humor but also irony in her work. In one of the works, the CLEAN MY MIND artist uses an active audience activity. Performance took place in Barcelona, Lisbon and Berlin. During this time, cities were transformed into a stage where people could act as actors. Each participant was asked to write down the problems that most frustrated him or her. They could be written on a piece of white paper that was embedded in a paper clip that mimics a roll of toilet paper. Then this stuff is tore off, cluttered and thrown in an impromptu toilet. This is where Ana’s humor has come to the brink of corrosion.


Ana’s inspiration for the jewellery collection NUDE comes from woman’s life – the reconciliation of differences between her character and art. NUDE’s asymmetric geometry harmonizes straight lines with curved lines, connecting them with transitions. Jewellery highlights the wearer’s skin, making it a design element of the product. Each ornament has a shared configuration, which is interconnected by junction elements. Each adornment forms a dialogue with the body of the woman who wears this adornment, giving the adornment a seemingly symbolic dynamic, making it a personality agent in revealing her identity. Depending on the model or finish you choose, NUDE contemporary jewellery is both bold and discreet, sophisticated, giving new forms of femininity.