February 24, 2020


As far as Valdis Brože remembers himself, he always bended pieces of wire into small rings and gave as gifts to his mother. He had no doubt he was going to be a jeweller. Valdis Brože works with gold, silver, different precious and semi-precious stones. His gold castings stand out with exquisite sense of material and plastic. Works with enamel has been constantly present in Brožes art.
“I work with colour. Sometimes I juxtapose rather risky tones. Why? Maybe because of this climate of ours, the greyness around. Colours add joy to my jewellery.” Brože’s design can be characterised as surrealistic. Why? One can only guess.
“I don‘t create similar items. I like to come up with new ideas all the time. Only some elements, details can look alike in one jewellery collection.”
The designer tells that he has spent a lot of time studying books of anatomy in order to know better the human hand. This knowledge is needed when making two finger rings.
Valdis compares jewellery art to the process of creating a sculpture. The source of inspiration he finds in himself.
“Of course, I am influenced by the things around me but I even cannot name my favourite artists. I like lots of different things.”
Brože regards himself as an urban artist – since childhood he has been attracted by the smell of fuel in the air of big cities.

Since ancient times, the enamelling has been practically the only way to paint metal with long lasting effects.
Vitreous enamel is a glassy coating, connected to the metal surfaces in very clean working conditions and at a very high temperature, used for decorative precious metal decoration.
Contemporary jewellery artist Valdis Brože is an expert in using this technology for artistic purposes and his works of art is an excellent proof of that.