March 9, 2020


Clara Niubò is from Barcelona. Degree in Product Design and postgraduate degree in children’s illustration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), specifically the EINA School of Art and Design.

“It’s a real challenge to have to describe yourself; it’s like starting a new project, a blank page before you to start painting, to take that first step, to let yourself go and bring out the best in yourself, not stopping until you reach a conclusion, starting over if need be, being bold, adding colour, getting dirty without caring. Getting your hands involved with paper, wood or metal… a feeling, an emotion, having fun. That’s how I like to work, and I take on everyday tasks as a challenge.
Artisan, jeweller and illustrator. Creator of small sculptures and fantastical, utopian places. A perfectionist, headstrong and a lover of travel journals. The people I mix with at weekends find me sociable, fun-loving and positive; those who I see during the working week know that I’m also responsible, that I love what I do and that I put my heart and soul into my work and my commissions. I try to live life in the moment, as if every day was the last. I always try to put myself in other people’s shoes, to try to understand them. I’m decisive in some things and tentative in others, but I’m always driven by intuition. My absolute favourite thing is immersing myself in nature and being able to embody what I see, feeling a part of it, feeling free.”


Cacti are suitable for people who cannot control themselves and hold resentment for a long time. Cacti collect and process our turbulent emotions. They are knights of peace and quiet. If there is a cactus among the disputants, the conflict will result in less mutual insult. They teach us tolerance for those we do not love and who do not conform to our principles.