Andris Lauders CV

ANDRIS LAUDERS CV Andris_Lauders_Foto_Gatis_Vanags_I

Jewellery artist
Born on June 26, 1961 in Riga, Latvia

1980 – 1985 Tallinn Art University
1976- 1980 Riga School of Applied Art

Prizes awarded:
In 1996 he won the main award, the Fabergé Award, at the international jewellery exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Affiliation with professional organizations:
Since 1986 – member of Latvian Artists’ Union

Solo exhibitions:
1992 Gallery “Vantai”, Vilnius, Lettonie
1993 Gallery “Vantai”, Vilnius, Lettonie
1994 Gallery “Stavenkunst”, Buxtehude , Germany
Gallery”Gold ader”, Hamburg, Germany
1995 Gallery “Sussi”, Riga, Latvia
1996 Gallery “Rīga”, Riga, Latvia
1997 Gallery ”Ahrensburg”, Ahrensburg, Germany
1998 Gallery  ”Burg”, “Unikart”, “Faerberg”, “Goldwerk”, Germany
1999 Gallery “Unikart”, “Nina moden”, “Goldwerk”,  Germany
2000 Gallery “Unikart”, “Fehr”, Germany
Gallery “Putti”,  Riga, Latvia
2001 Gallery “Putti”,  Riga, Latvia
2002 Gallery “Putti”,  Riga, Latvia
2003 Gallery “Putti”,  Riga, Latvia
2004 Gallery “Candela”, Mallorca, Spain
2005 Gallery “Candela”, Mallorca, Spain
2006 Gallery “Putti”,  Riga, Latvia
2007 Gallery “L’unico”, Mallorca, Spain
2008 Gallery “Candela”, Mallorca, Spain
2009 Gallery “Candela”, Mallorca, Spain
2010 Gallery “Unikart”, Germany
2011 Gallery “Candela”, Mallorca, Spain
2012 Gallery ”Goldwerk”, Hamburg, Germany
2013 „Chess for the Queen of Diamonds”, Gallery “Putti”, Riga, Latvia