Guntis Lauders CV

Guntis Lauders



Jewellery artist


Born 31.05.1965 Riga Latvia



00371 29460958




2005  MA degree from the Latvian Art Academy

1987 – 1992Tallinn Art University

1981- 1985Riga School of Applied Art


Prizes awarded

1998 Best jewelry designer of the year, prize of the Riga City Council Riga in Contemporary Art

19951st prize, Collection “Mirrors”, ARTGenda -96, project HAUS in Copenhagen

19911st prize, Triennial of Applied Art, Tallinn, Estonia


Affiliation with professional organizations:

Since 1993 – member of Latvian Artists’ Union



Solo exhibitions:


2014   Gallery”Unikat”,Hamburg,Germany

2013   Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2012   Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2011   Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg Germany

2010   Gallery “Putti”,exhibition “In search for the lost court” Riga,Latvia

Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2009   Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2008   Gallery”A” Tallinn,Estonia

Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2007   Gallery”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2006Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

2005Gallery “Putti”, exhibition “5”Riga,Latvia

Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

2004 Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

Gallery “Putti”, Riga,Latvia

2003 Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

Gallery”Spritzenhaus,” Wennigsen,Germany

Gallery  im Schloss, Sommerhausen, Germany

Gallery „Daugava,“exhibition”Bright red”Riga, Latvia

2002 Gallery ”Putti’’, exhibition “Four directions”Riga,Latvia

Gallery ”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

2001 Gallery ”Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

Gallery ”A” ,Tallinn,Estonia

2000 Gallery “Am Schloss”, Sommerhaeusen, Germany

Gallery “A”, Tallinn, Estonia

Gallery “Putti,exhibition”Me and You” Riga, Latvia

1999 Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg,Germany

Gallery “A”, Tallinn, Estonia

1998 Gallery “A”, Tallinn, Estonia

Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

1997 Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

Gallery “SchmukSchmiede”, Hamburg, Germany

1996 Gallery “Unikat”, Hamburg, Germany

Gallery “Kolonna”, Riga, Latvia

Gallery of Oriental Art “Sussi”, Riga, Latvia

Gallery “Prisma”, Stuttgart, Germany

1995 Gallery “Kolonna”, Riga, Latvia

1994 Volksdorfmuseum, Hamburg, Germany

Gallery of Oriental Art “Sussi”, Riga, Latvia

1993 Gallery “Riga”, Riga, Latvia

Gallery “Ornamenta Letonica”, Riga, Latvia

1992 Gallery “Draakoni”, Tallinn, Estonia



Group exhibitions:


2015 “Amber:The Baltic Jewel”, Goldsmith’s Centre in London, United Kingdom
2015 “What Else Does Amber Have in Mind?” Palisa des Nations, Salle des Pas Perdus, Geneva, Switzerland
2015; “Amber in Latvian Contemporary Jewellery” Amber Museum in Kainingran, Russia

2015  Winter exhibiton „Endless closenes“ Gallery“Putti“,Riga,Latvia

„Wat else does amber have in mind?“Palais des Nations,Salle des Pas



„Amber in Latvian contemporary jewellery“Amber museum in


„Amber-the Baltic jewel“Goldsmiths Centre in London,United Kingdom

2014  Amber in Contemporary Art Jewellery, Gallery“Putti“, Riga, Latvia

I.H.M/ Munich, Germany

Fruehjahrmesse Koppel 66, Hamburg, Germany

Winter exhibition „It is Snowing a Little“, Gallery“Putti“, Riga, Latvia

Winter exhibition „Dream as Morning“, Gallery“Putti“, Riga, Latvia

Adventsmesse Koppel 66,Hamburg,Germany

2013  I.H.M/ Munich, Germany

„Summer Session“, Gallery“Putti“, Riga, Latvia

2012  Winter exhibition “White“ Gallery“Putti“,Riga,Latvia

Heim+Handwerk 2012, Munich, Germany

I.H.M/ Munich, Germany

2011  „Sense of snow“ Gallery“Putti“, Riga, Latvia

I.H.M/Munich, Germany

Adventsmesse-Koppel 66, Hamburg, Germany

2010   I.H.M/ Munich,Germany

Fruehjahrmesse-Koppel 66, Hamburg, Germany

2009  „Rock Crystal“ Gallery“Putti“, Riga, Latvia

I.H.M/ Munich,Germany

2008   Gallery “kultS“ Berlin, Germany

The Latvian jewellery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The exhibition of modern decoration and gobelin of Latvia,Kaliningrad,Russia


Adventsmesse-Koppel 66 ,Hamburg,Germany

2007 I.H.M/Munich,Germany

2006 I.H.M/ Munich,Germany

Gallery “Kunst und Kram” “Manner Schmuck und Portrat” Friedrichrode,Germany

Ruhrgalerie Herdecke, Germany

Gallery “SchmuckSchmiede” Hamburg, Germany

2005 I.H.M/ Munich,Germany

“Paare”, Gallery „SchmuckSchmiede“ Hamburg, Germany

Latvian art “Ruhr-gallery”Herdecke, Germany

2004 “Valuable links” Jewels from the OSCE countries.

MECC in Maastricht,

Centre Ceramique in Maastricht,

Sofia Bulgaria,

Museum fuer Volkskunde, Wien, Austria

„La joya del BALTICO“, Barselona, Spain

I.H.M., Munich,Germany

2003 Fruehjahrmesse- Koppel 66 Hamburg, Germany

Gallery „SchmuckSchmiede“ Hamburg, Germany

„Baltic Art exibition“ Gallery Savicko Paveikslu, Nida, Lithuenia”

Marsstall museum Arensburg, Germany


Advents messe – Koppel 66, Hamburg, Germany

2002  “Open Form”, Applied Arts Museum, Riga, Latvia

Af-L’Artigiano in Fiera,Milan Fair,Italy

Latvian Art „Gallery Bertholdwille” Salzburga,Austria

I.H.M., Munich,Germany

2001   World Trade Center,Bremen,Germany



Gallery’’Kunst und Kram’’Berlin,Germany

2000 International Art Fair “Inhorgenta”, Munich, Germany

I.H.M., Munich, Germany

New York Art Fair Sofa, United States

Gallery “Kunst Objekt”, Hamburg, Germany

Applied Arts Museum, ehxibiton “90s”, Riga, Latvia

Latvian Applied Art Exhibition, “Kulturzentrum Alstertahl”, Hamburg, Germany

1999 International 20th Century Arts Fair,New York,United States

Chicago Art Fair SOFA,United States

“Objects of Desire”, Louisville, United States

Harakka. International Weather Vane Seminar, Harakka Island in Helsinki

New York Art Fair SOFA,United States

I.H.M, Munich, Germany

International Art fair “Inhorgenta”, Munich, Germany

Gallery JB, Copenhagen, Denmark

1998 Baltic Patterns, Gallery “Stairs &Co”, London, United Kingdom

International Art fair “Inhorgenta”, Munich, Germany

Art Letton Contemporain, Grande Salle de l’Aubette, place Strasbourg

Maison du Danemark, Paris, France

“Adventsmesse 98” Haus fuer Kunst “Koppel-66”, Hamburg, Germany

Schmuck Forum – Herbst 98, Berlin, Germany

Herbstausstellung, gallery “Fachwerkhof”, Witten, Germany

“2nd World Latvian Art Exhibition”, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

1997 “Baltische Kunst”, Handwerkskammer, Hamburg

Latvian Metal Art Exhibition, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

Applied Art Exhibition, exhibition hall “Arsenāls”, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition “Tired Ties”, gallery “Čiris”, Riga, Latvia

1996 Lettische Kunst, gallery “Fachwerkhof”, Witten, Germany

VII International Metal Symposium “Kremnica 96”, Slovakia

3. Nordeuropaeische Handwerksmesse, Hamburg, Germany

“Ambiente”, Internationale Frankfurter Herbstmesse, Frankfurt, Germany

International Hansesstadt Kunstmesse, Hamburg, Germany

Applied Art Exhibiton, exhibition hall “Arsenāls”, Riga, Latvia

1995 Internationale Frankfurter Herbstmesse, Frankfurt, Germany

Applied Art Exhibition, exhibition hall  “Arsenals”, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition “Schmuck”, gallery “Fachwerkhof”, Witten, Germany

Latvian Art Exhibition, gallery “Pyramid”, Nuernberg, Germany

1994 Exhibition of the Graduates of Tallinn Art University, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition of Latvian Art, Gallery “Vartai”, Lithuania

Triennial of Baltic Applied Art, Tallinn, Estonia

Hamburger Messe, Hamburg, Germany

“4th Untamed Fashion Assembly”, Riga, Latvia

1993 Exhibition of Applied Art, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

“From Dreams to Reality”, International exhibition, Scandinavian and Baltic countries

Gallery Exhibition, gallery “Rīga”, Riga, Latvia

1992 Hamburger Messe, Hamburg, Germany

Metal Art Exhibition, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

1991 Triennial of Applied Art, Tallinn, Estonia

Young Artists Exhibition, gallery “Jāņa sēta”, Riga, Latvia

Applied Art Exhibition, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

1990 Young Artists Exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia

“1st World Latvian Art Exhibition”, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

Republican Metal Art Exhibition, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia

1989 Estonian Applied Art Exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia

1988 Young Artists Exhibition. Tallinn, Estonia

Estonian Applied Art Exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia

“Man and the Sea”, exhibition hall “Latvia”, Riga, Latvia

1987 “Riga Metal”, Museum of Applied Art, Tallinn, Estonia