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MAREUNROL’S was established in 2005 by two fashion designers Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops. The brand is based in Riga, Latvia.

They were the winners of the 24th festival of photography and fashion “Hyeres 2009”, winning two main awards of the evening at once (Grand Prix L’Oreal and 123 award).

Participated in such fashion and art events as Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (Czech Republic, 2011), Arnhem Fashion Biennial (the Netherlands, 2009), BARCELONA 080 (Spain, 2009), ITS International Talent Support competition of new fashion designers (Italy, 2007). Also presented themselves in Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia and Chile.

Two years in a row (2006 and 2007), MAREUNROL’S were awarded as the best Latvian fashion designers, receiving the prize of ‘Latvian Style and Fashion Award’. Latvian Theatre awards ‘Spelmanu Nakts’ recognized MAREUNROL’S as the best theatre costume designers in 2006. They have also made costumes for National Opera of Latvia (receiving for the work ‘L’Officiel Latvia Special Prize’ in 2010) as well as for Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

MAREUNROL’S is the first Latvian brand to be ever featured in the official programme of Paris fashion week.

MAREUNROL’S has received multiple prizes and been featured in international publications, such as “Vogue Talents 2014” – annual edition of “Vogue Italia”, which features 200 emerging international designers and also the fashion book “Pattern”, where 10 curators chose 100 most exciting conceptual designers.


MAREUNROL’S collections are concept based. Their designs are usually accompanied by specially designed sets, scenography, video projections, installations, photography, i.e. any creative outputs that help to communicate their story.

Both designers constantly look for new mediums and ways to present fashion, and search for new art disciplines that could be incorporated into the world of fashion design. This is why at MAREUNROL’S shows the work might seem to be avant-garde, while in reality it’s ready-to-wear fashion.

MAREUNROL’S wants to show an existing environment that is not always evident, though it’s right in front of our eyes; combine reality with a feeling of surrealism. It is very important for them to give purpose and meaning for every detail, and that the clothes they create tell their own story and live their own lives.

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